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You are about to take a journey through the eyes of Murals by Becca. You can browse briefly or you can settle in to see if there is a decorative wall finish you have been dying to have in your kitchen, bath, or boudoir. What if you thought you couldn’t afford or find an artist to embellish your kid’s room with his or her favorite passion this year? What if you need a Tiny Painting to send to your sister because you haven’t told her how much you love her lately or maybe someone is having surgery and needs a pick-me-up? Are you working too hard and want to feel like you are at your favorite tropical place when you walk in the door to a Mural by Becca? Do you need an illustration for a book or project you’ve been working on?  If so, You have come to the right place! Let Becca embellish your book with that perfect complement, brighten up the kids room with a stunning mural, or simply add that perfect touch to any room with a tiny painting. Take a look around, give us a call, or ask for a meeting. With Murals By Becca the possibilities are all right here.

20×22 Watercolor

14×18 Watercolor

Trompe L’oeil

Trompe L’oeil

Becca Butler

Becca Butler

Artist, Muralist, Writer

“It’s impossible to keep an artist away from their magnet…Let’s make magic together with murals, tromp l’oeil or a timeless, aged decorative wall finish of yesteryear.”

“The Final Frontier”

20×35 Acrylic

“Above and Beyond”

18×24 Acrylic on Walls

“Granada’s National Bird”

18×24 Acrylic on Walls

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From schools and homes to decorative wall finishes and paintings, Becca’s talent knows no bounds. Let Becca bring the gift of art into your life. Fill out the form below and a team member will contact you shortly.

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