Decorative Wall Finishes

There’s a place for color everywhere. The techniques to bring multiple colors or treatments is now here by calling Murals by Becca. Do you want wallpaper with perfect repetitive patterns or a wall finish that is you and only yours? Each and every decorative wall finish is unique. We talk, we decide on the mood or atmosphere that’s desired and I create some samples. It’s a collaborative union, so let’s begin…

“Reflections of Artisans”

Stone Mural Repeated

“Rustic Tuscan”

Wall Finish

“Our World, New World”

Wall Finish

“Autumn Amber”

Wall Finish + Molding

“Warm Welcome Mings”

Wall Finish

“Stucco Uh-Oh”

Faux Stucco + Brick Finish

“Golden Depth”

Patterned Wall Finish

“Vienna Burnt Orange”

Faux Bois (choice of any color)

“Lost in Paradise”

Textured Wall Finish

“Lost in Paratwice”

Textured Wall Finish

“Monumental Awareness”

Faux Bois (choice of any color)

Let Becca design a decorative wall finish for you.

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